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Brian Tracy

Brian is a speaker, an educator and an orator

Brian Tracy justly became one of the most famous speakers and motivational orators in the field of communication, pedagogy and personal growth. He owns a company specializing in personal and human resources development with the eponymous name “Brian Tracy International”, which is geographically located in Solana Beach and whose branches are located in 31 countries.

Brian Tracy has had the freedom-loving disposition from the young age and, not having finished a high school, he started to work. He was a dishwasher, a laborer on a farm, and even worked on the rig.

With the course of time Brian Tracy’s strong-willed character had formed, and when he was 25 years old, he became the sales agent. He started as a simple salesman and worked his way up to the post of the Chief Operating Officer in a building company which had more than $ 250 million in assets.

Having stepped over the 30-year-old milestone, Brian Tracy gained his Master’s Degree in economics and business. He has never stopped his self-development. Right now he has more than 45 books that have been translated into dozens of languages. Among them there are such widely known books as “Maximum Achieving”, “Psychology of Selling”, “The Power of Charm” and “Eat that frog”.

Brian Tracy is a genius of information presentation

Information in Brian’s Videos is presented laconically and accurately with a sense of humor and an authoritative opinion based on practice. He has his profile in the Internet, and soon he will have million subscribers on Facebook. Brian is the author and the producer of more than 300 audio and video lessons.

Analysis and systematization of experience

Every year Brian Tracy spends a lot of time on analyzing and processing useful educational information by reading a variety of printed materials, listening to educational audios and videos, participating in training events as a participant or a spectator. Thus Brian Tracy enriches his background knowledge over the years, and, on the basis of experience, analysis and systematization, he produces personal tips and pieces of advice in different areas of leadership, success, personal growth, business and interpersonal relationships, which are then heard in his speeches and used in his books.

Teaching people around the world

More than 35 years Tracy’s lectures can be visited at public events and they are available to the general public. During this time several millions of people have heard the seminars with the world-known leader; each year he addresses a multitude of managers, company employees and entrepreneurs. Brian Tracy holds his seminars both in the Northern and the Southern hemispheres in different countries. Speaking four languages, Brian Tracy has traveled to many countries where he became a welcome guest. He lives in San Diego with his wife and children. Many times a year Tracy leaves his hometown to share his knowledge with those who crave for it.