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Ron Jenson

The famous speaker, the author of 24 books on leadership, life success and influence, is well-known for those who think that a conflict is an essential part of the society’s life, and who agree that any conflict can be solved. These are the themes that the professor of Psychology and Interpersonal relations of California University, a specialist in conflict resolution and life harmony, Ron Jenson, speaks about. He knows for sure how to apply these techniques in practice and draws your attention to the behavior details, and the ability to reveal the reason of the problem and focus on its solution; he teaches how to develop emotional stability and delicacy as well as how to find the keys to happiness.

Ron Jenson and his role in mentoring

Ron Jenson is a business mentor of hundreds of Top Managers, politicians and young people with an active life position. He is the author and the director of the company «Future Achievement», his educational program is being successfully sold in 40 countries of the world. Ron Jenson interviewed 350 world leaders and then, on the basis of gathered information, he wrote and defended his doctoral thesis. The conclusion of that doctoral thesis became the basis of his books. Every year the speaker addresses hundreds of thousands of people in many countries of the world.

Conflict Resolution: author's technique

If you decide to attend the author`s seminar, you will learn five basic skills of building relationships with people both in business and in everyday life. The first principle is the need for each other. “People need you and you need people. Everyone`s story and skills are unique”. You need someone else but yourself to achieve any goal. It is called synergy. The second principle is building a person. Find in people something that they can do better than others. Don`t be afraid to say: “You are doing great!” You might find it difficult because you were hardly ever praised. However, while praising a person, remember that any compliment has to have a real foundation; it has to be accurate and true as well. The third principle is trust. If somebody ruined your trust, it has to be rebuilt. If somebody lost your trust, then you have to give them an opportunity to regain it. Learn to believe the best about people. Don`t judge them impulsively and don`t blame anyone. The fourth principle is understanding. Any harmonious communication is built on the ability to listen. If you want to draw attention to the problem, never talk about the personality, talk about the actions. Be kind and respectful. The fifth principle is recognition. Find the strength to recognize your mistakes and learn to apologize if you were wrong.

Everything that Ron Jenson speaks about is simple and clear. A strong desire to learn the practice of conflict resolution is the key to business development and harmonious happy relationships.