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Diamond Alliance is an international training system which cooperates with Amway and concentrates the experience of successful top-qualified Amway Independent Business Owners.

It was established in 2002. Knowledge and success stories of Diamond Alliance leaders became the basis of self-improvement for both new and experienced IBOs. Our main goal and philosophy is to build up profitable, stable and long-term business. For this purpose, there has been developed a series of sequential steps and recommendations as well as a set of teaching tools and activities within this system. The strength of the system lies in its simplicity, consistency, accessibility to everyone and the possibility of copying achievements.


Double Diamond, the President of Diamond Alliance

Founders Crown Ambassador

Triple Diamond

Founders Double Diamond

Founders Double Diamond

Diamond IBOs (Russia), Founders Executive Diamonds (Ukraine)

Executive Diamond

Founders Executive Diamond

Invited speakers

A speaker, a specialist in the field of communications

Specialist in the field of financial awareness and time-management

One of the most famous speakers, book author

A leading expert in the field of human relationships

Expert in self-development, entrepreneurship and leadership

Writer, speaker: how to achieve success and happiness

The famous speaker, the author of 24 books on leadership, life success and influence